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It's Sad But Inevitable

My brother is moving out. It's OFFICIAL now, the parents have finally coped and are letting him go. I believe he's moving out friday, iam kinda sad bc it will be even more boring here without him when i'll be home, and more bitching at me since he'd get in a lot of shit most times and would take most of the bitching, and he finally really had enough, poor guy, another reason is he found himself a g/f and is actually moving in with her, iam not impressed at all though, i think he should have waited awhile longer since he only met her a few weeks ago and iam not impressed where they live or where she lives and where he is moving in. But whatever as sad and wrong as it is to us all no one can stop anyone from doing what they wanna do and the person who tries to stop them is just dumb so we all just have to cope and hope for the best. I really do hope it all works out for him, but who knows, they might break up and then he'll be moving back in here. I know that once i move out it will certainly be for good, i'll make sure of it. Gotta get to work.
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