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Lost Him To His Sick Mom

Well I found out more, he actually picked up the phone one night, prolly cause he was drunk at the bar and didn't want me to keep calling, but yeah anyway that is what saved his car from being wrecked, cause i was just about to go fuck it up that same night. This time he had a whole different story he did not ever mention to me, he said he's moving back home to live with his mom (she has a brain tumor- which he found out about not long ago), so iam like fuck off no way, and he said he was serious and that he already gave his notice three weeks ago. So i am like oh so iam the last person to know this, and i also asked if he already said goodbye and he replied yes i said bye to everyone, so once again i felt left out, i mean why not tell me this from the beginning, why not tell me this is what you have to do for your mom and decided to and you don't want a long distance relationship, bc that is what it really comes down to. Why be so cruel and mean and make me suffer and wonder what the hell is going on, i knew something wasn't right. Why lie to me and ignore me and avoid me and cheat on me, why do it that way, why end it on bad terms, i guess cause he never gave a shit that's why, and I know he's a liar too so i can't really trust him anymore, so i needed to check up and see what he was really up to. It made me sad, like all the anger washed away for awhile and all i felt was sadness. And i finally really realized that i had to let go, and it's like my heart was ready to finally let him go, i mean what the hell is the point to keep holding on to someone who doesn't give, doesn't have space in his heart, all he is occupied with right now is his mom anyway. He's not even with that other pathetic loser chick either, and i was glad to hear it but he doesn't want to be with me so yeah he is screwed and like i said all he did and does is use every girl he ever meets. And he'll sleep with everyone who wants him, he's totally not selective i mean that is fucked i think. I guess he thinks he is god's gift to woman. So whatever hope he has a nice life with his mommy, and gets bored quickly and regrets moving, cause like what the hell, i mean he had a life here, his own place, a good job and now he just threw it all away, to live with his mom, he said she won't be able to take care of herself, so ok maybe it is true maybe he is just doing it all for her, bc he really loves her, i guess he really does love one woman at least. So i guess that is all i have to say about him, bc i won't be writing more about him, since it's over between us now. I just have to forget him now, and stop driving by his house, i was thinking of sending him a sympathy card as a good bye, since he didn't even wanna see me before he moved out. I mean that was mean, but whatever maybe he didn't want to for himself, cause he didn't wanna go back on his decision, who knows. Life's a bitch sometimes.
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