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I feel like quitting my second job just to be with him, but i am afraid i'll regret it later. I mean sometimes that extra 200 bucks does come in handy, for whatever, usually for spending it on whatever i need at the time, and i do like to go shopping, so anyway yeah that sucks bc we can never stay up till dawn or enjoy each other till whenever we want when i have to be up before dawn and be in at work and this is on our days off. I missed two days and got send home this morning, hahahaha i am not even really angry about it, i could have just got fired, but it's nice that they can't just automatically do that, hahaha, but i was still surprised she send me home, she said she got someone else to cover my shifts, so i just left oh and got a written warning, this is my first, i still get another if i do it again, but i didn't even miss them intentionally, the last shift i didn't show up for i had someone else cover it but the fagot never showed up so i explained but it didn't justify why no one was there that morning, so she said it was still my responsibility bc it was my shift, hmmm sounds like bullshit but i just took it, it was 5 am, i just wanted to go back to bed, and so i don't have to come in this week, i gave my week-end shifts away earlier (bc of the moving), unless i change my mind i can take them back i bet, i think i'll just call and ask if they want me to come in next week, since she didn't schedule me in, she prolly wasn't sure if i was gonna show at all.

She should know me better though, i wouldn't just not show at all, i thought she'd be more understanding with me to be honest, she wasn't such a bitch before, this was way back though, i know her for awhile now, she used to be an assistant manager and that's when she was way more understanding and nicer, i guess she can't take any more shit though, that district manager who's her boss is a real ass bitch and is constantly on her ass so i can see why she can't afford to screw things up now. So yeah i can quit or stay and make sure i show up, meaning i should stop asking pple to take my shifts as well, so maybe i'll end up breaking with boy toy earlier than i thought, just cause i know i wouldn't be happy if someone didn't have time for me, man this sucks i am still not sure what i wanna do yet, i know whenever i am with him time seems meaningless but then reality hits me hard like a ton of bricks once i am not with him once again. So that's a little sad and unfair. But then life isn't fair.
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